Tell me what you want, what you really really want.

If there’s one thing I really really want, it would be band/solo artist shirts of musicians I love. I know this one guy who’s always donning these shirts. In fact, I hardly see him with any other kind of shirt. I’d love to have these:

This shirt is amazing, and I love the cut. I have a ton of pink clothes so having another one couldn’t hurt. 😀

If they have a female cut for this, it would be great. Course, it would be greater if I got to own one. Where are these shirts?!

I’m not really a fan (my dad is), but I love Sweet Home Alabama (nothing beats the original) and Free Bird. And this shirt is pretty nice.

I wish this photo wasn’t edited, like so. Nonetheless, this shirt is cool.

Save Ferris! I’m not a huge fan (huge fan=Christina Aguilera), but I love their music. Currently listening to: Goodbye. ♥

Sadly, I couldn’t find good shirts from Christina Aguilera, Metric, Collective Soul, Green Day, etc. And I forgot to search Fleetwood Mac. (fail)


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