Yes we can.

“YAHOOO!!! PASADO TAU SA UP!! HAHAHA =P… ang saya2 grabeh.. this is so cool… I can’t wait for summer… hehe…

Binisita ko friendster ko knna pra lng magpost ng shoutout na pumasa ako. Ehehe. But I’m just so happy, you know? Grabe knnang mdaling araw nga lang ako ngaral ng econ dahil sa sbrang tamad kgb… hehe… I couldn’t focus because of my happiness… nakakasama na pla mgng masaya?? Hehe.Ü

I can’t wait to start my college life with u guys… although hard, it’ll probably be fun too… especially since ur still gonna be there by my side… I bet we’ll all meet some new people… pro uy wlang iwanan ha?? Hehe… astig tlga… who would’ve guessed na hndi nmn pla tau mgkkhwa-hwalay…;P”


I was digging up old files and I found this, an excerpt from a typewritten letter I gave to two of my closest friends in high school. Reading it over again made me feel eerie–I can’t believe those were actually my words, that I sounded much like an over-enthusiastic kid. It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten how I used to be like.

I wrote the letter on January 23, 2007, at past 10am. I included that information on the letter, that’s how I know. It was nearly four years ago.

Four years ago. Back then, I was so excited to see the world–to meet new people and to feel like an adult. To leave everything behind and start over.

Four years later, I got what I wanted. I saw the world, yes. I met so many different people, not all of whom I got along with. I felt like an adult. I’d left everything behind. I’d started over.

And it doesn’t feel good. I’m lazier, more pessimistic,  more selfish, and I don’t know how to not be these things. It’s sad.

But I want to start over again. After all, change is possible.


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