I’m not dead.

I just changed this site’s theme. I got bored and I felt that if I did I’d finally be able to update this dratted blog. And I was write! I mean, right.

Today I realized, after over 13 hours of sleep (which is highly unjustified considering that I slept well every night of the past week resulting to major cramming the morning after), that I really, really, want to pursue journalism. I visited my UPIU account earlier tonight and read some articles from a few fellow Filipinos. One article got published on UPI. It’s been my dream to publish there, ever since one of my professors introduced the site to us. However, it’s been impossible to write anything new, what with my [six words starting with a letter T] sucking the life out of me and the huge fact that I’m finished with my journalism classes. But, someday. SIGH, someday. [Insert Someday by The Strokes.] Ha ha.

Oh what am I even doing here. I should be studying for my four exams (one of them is a pseudo-exam, I’m feeling it. Pseudo-exam: an excuse for the teacher to fish out a grade from his or her students through practical, essay type questions, owing to the fact that he or she did not really teach anything at all.) and writing my you-know-what. So I’m leaving. ‘Til the next post. 😀 Toodles!


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