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Bull’s Eye.

So I took an online psych test to determine whether I’m a hedonist, rationalist, idealist, or traditionalist. I’ve taken something like it before so I wasn’t surprised when it told me I am an idealist. The site also shared information on the idealistic person’s qualities, which were so accurate I felt like I was enumerating my traits. Apparently, an idealist is…

Alienated, bashful, critical, depressed, fussy, hard to please, insecure, introvert, loner, moody, negative attitude, pessimistic, revengeful, resentful, too sensitive, skeptical, suspicious, unforgiving, unpopular, withdrawn

The only thing I found a bit out of place was the term “revengeful.” Am I? I’ve no idea. A part of me thinks I’m not, but how can we be sure? I’ve kind of been wondering about this lately. On Revenge’s discussion board on IMDb, one user asked–if we were in Amanda/Emily’s position, would we forgive or seek revenge?

I found myself unable to answer.


What child is this.

Facebook has become a huge cartoon show where Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and anime, among others, converge.

See, there’s this thing going on and users are changing their profile pictures to their favorite cartoon characters for violence against children. I don’t really get how that can help squeeze down the incidence of the issue, so I was skeptical about the whole thing at first. Besides, I don’t think anyone really knows where the information came from, everyone was just reiterating each other (“Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday (December 6) there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for violence against children”). But then I started wondering who my favorite cartoon was, and I ended up joining the bandwagon.

I hate playing favorites, because I seldom have only one. There are just too many things to love in the world. But anyway, I chose Pepper Ann as a favorite character yesterday, basically because she was no one else’s photo, and I really like her. I can’t tell, though, what it is about her I admire.

Other contenders for my profile picture were Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold, Ginger from As Told By Ginger, Timon from The Lion King, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Meg from Hercules, Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Sailor Moon, and finally, Mulan (because I totally admire her bravery). But everyone else had chosen them already, and I wanted to be different.

Tonight I replaced Pepper Ann with Arthur (the aardvark), who kept my eight-year-old self pleasantly entertained after every day of school. I used to have a poster of the show in my old room, a little something I got from purchasing one of the book adaptations. I don’t have it with me anymore, but I think I have a photo of it somewhere.


A while ago I realized my childhood has long passed me. I’m 19, going on 20, after all. But I had a spectacular kid life that never ceases to make me feel grateful. And I treasure it, and I miss it. And someday I hope to make a kid’s childhood as memorable as mine, because I know not everyone can be as privileged as I was.

Something’s Got a Hold of Me.

Listening to Dashboard Confessional’s Don’t Wait is appropriate. I feel afraid. The paranoia in The Final Destination must have rubbed off of me, as my throat feels constricted and all my senses are alert.

A memory did this. A memory of a friend’s progress in something, which only reminded me of my own… lack of progress.

I can’t do this. I can’t sit around, reading books and watching TV shows. I can’t spend my day doing errands and burning time at the mall. It’s wrong; it’s unwise. What is wrong with me? Someone help me understand.

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