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I’m over there.

So, I’ve moved again. To another wordpress blog:

Mysilversprings was a great space for the last half of my undergraduate studies. Unfortunately, I feel that it was not a “good blog.” Tryingtoslowtherain will be a better one.

Thanks everyone for the thousand views here. Follow me over at my new space if you want! 🙂


To two thousand and ten.

It’s funny how every New Year’s Eve, we stay up to greet the new year as if it were an emperor: highly respected, yet undefined. We know nothing of him, but that he could give us all we need, all we hope, all we dare to dream. And then eventually we realize he’s just like all the others. Nothing special at all. Ordinarily stupid. Like the emperor with new clothes. We’ve been blinded.

Perhaps it’s just me. Me and my two thousand ten disaster. Everyone’s excited for the new year, I can tell. The greetings on Facebook are eyesores. Happy New Year! they say. Do they really mean it, when they greet their friends? Have they been jumping up and down, impatient for the coming year to arrive and settle for 365 days? Am I the only one who hasn’t been trampoline-like?

I’m just starting to feel like this whole New Year’s thing is overrated. Or the greetings. Or something. Because I was planning to work today, but I only ended up cleaning so that 2011 won’t sneeze from the amount of dust in our home, and cooking so we’d have food on our table like everyone else. And then I found myself so tired, I couldn’t do anything else at all except look for something worthwhile to do that WASN’T work.

I’m sorry. I’m rather bitter at the moment, obviously. Tut tut. It’s time to end this post. The ‘rents are calling. Apparently it’s just a few more minutes til 2011! Right.

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