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Birthday woes.

I’m turning 20 tomorrow. Yup, it’s my big day on the eleventh. I’m really not excited (it seems I’ve forgotten how to feel excited for anything), but I’m already grateful for the things I know will come, like my parent’s celebration for me, and whatever gifts they’ll give me… Unfortunately, though, melancholy has enveloped me because I’m afraid for something… (I do mean “for”; will elaborate next time)… and because none of my friends seem to have remembered that my birthday’s coming up. I mean, friends who aren’t former teachers or relatives of mine. Sigh. But whatever. It’s a trivial thing to be sad about. Besides, that’s what Facebook is for, right. To remind people of birthdays.



“Someday, somewhere – anywhere, unfailingly, you’ll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.”

— Pablo Neruda

Quote that a friend posted on Facebook. Had to repost.

What child is this.

Facebook has become a huge cartoon show where Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and anime, among others, converge.

See, there’s this thing going on and users are changing their profile pictures to their favorite cartoon characters for violence against children. I don’t really get how that can help squeeze down the incidence of the issue, so I was skeptical about the whole thing at first. Besides, I don’t think anyone really knows where the information came from, everyone was just reiterating each other (“Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday (December 6) there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for violence against children”). But then I started wondering who my favorite cartoon was, and I ended up joining the bandwagon.

I hate playing favorites, because I seldom have only one. There are just too many things to love in the world. But anyway, I chose Pepper Ann as a favorite character yesterday, basically because she was no one else’s photo, and I really like her. I can’t tell, though, what it is about her I admire.

Other contenders for my profile picture were Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold, Ginger from As Told By Ginger, Timon from The Lion King, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Meg from Hercules, Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Sailor Moon, and finally, Mulan (because I totally admire her bravery). But everyone else had chosen them already, and I wanted to be different.

Tonight I replaced Pepper Ann with Arthur (the aardvark), who kept my eight-year-old self pleasantly entertained after every day of school. I used to have a poster of the show in my old room, a little something I got from purchasing one of the book adaptations. I don’t have it with me anymore, but I think I have a photo of it somewhere.


A while ago I realized my childhood has long passed me. I’m 19, going on 20, after all. But I had a spectacular kid life that never ceases to make me feel grateful. And I treasure it, and I miss it. And someday I hope to make a kid’s childhood as memorable as mine, because I know not everyone can be as privileged as I was.


the reason why I don’t blog here as often as I’d like.

Now, there are several reasons why I find Tumblr more fun than WordPress, or Facebook, for that matter, and they do not include the fact that Tumblr is “in.” I’ve said this before, in my old WordPress blog.

First of all, it’s so easy to post anything–links, videos, photos, quotes, words, and [my personal favorite] songs–because posting these things is what the site is about. It’s not about, primarily, meeting new people and gaining friends. It’s not about, merely, updating statuses and liking each other’s words. You do these things, yes, but in a creative manner. You find another user through his or her post, and you sort of update your status by posting something. For instance, if I put up an audio post, that could mean I’m currently addicted to the song and I want to share it to others, or I’m in the middle of a music challenge. In a creative or different manner, see? Not always in words.

Next, users are free to like and/or reblog posts. Now the reblogging phenomenon is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever come across, so I do it a lot. Mostly, though, I just “like” posts, because if I reblogged everything I liked, my blog wouldn’t have a sort of personality. Plus some of the stuff I “like” wouldn’t look nice on my blog. I’m… sort of vain that way. 😀

Next, still, you don’t get lonely on Tumblr, if you’re following a few people and a few people are following you back. It sort of reminds me of Multiply in that aspect, actually, because on Multiply you have contacts and you see their posts too. In fact, Tumblr is sort of a modern kind of Multiply. Hmm.

Moving on, the themes on Tumblr are so numerous and pretty, I must have changed mine (my blog’s theme) ten times. You can preview them, much like here on WordPress, but you can customize them too, like change the background color, or text color, or mouse-over-link color, and you don’t even have to know CSS or HTML.

But really, the biggest reason why I’ve been spending so much time on the said site, is because Tumblr is filled with a huge number of aspiring, and actual, writers, and it’s very interesting; people use Tumblr to publish their little poems, songs, essays, or short stories, and when they gain followers, they know they’ve got readers. I made Graphikos because I was inspired by those writers I found. It’s given me a place, an area in cyberspace, where I can contain all my poems and short stories. They need not be brilliant–heck, they probably aren’t even close; they need not have so many followers–the last time I checked, I had about five (and I’m not even sure), including myself, on my other blog. Pathetic, you say? I think not. You see, it drives me to constantly create something, to mold together nouns, pronouns, verbs, and whatnot, so that the blog will stay alive. It urges me to want to write creatively. Through it, I’m able to practice, exercise my brain and ability to string together words not yet strung…

Who am I? I’m an aspiring writer, like everyone else. I’m a frustrated writer, like everyone else. And Tumblr? God! It makes me happy!

Today in numbers.

  • 2 meals
  • 7 text messages
  • 2 Tumblr replies
  • 13 hours of sleep
  • 2 musical compositions
  • 1 new Facebook Group member
  • 1 good dream
  • 1 CD played
  • 1/2 of a TV show watched
  • 20 channels
  • no meaningful conversation with anyone face to face
  • 1 new follower on Tumblr
  • 11 songs listened to so far
  • 3 plans scrapped
  • 3 friends’ birthdays
  • 1 sad encounter
  • 2 realizations
  • 0 productivity

This day was a blur. I spent so much time sleeping that I wasn’t able to do anything academic. Or filial.. Sucks to be me.


I’m skipping lunch–I don’t feel like it. After my Devc199 class, which is a one-unit class where we’re required to present our thesis proposal and results in a seminar, I headed straight for this computer shop. I thought I should add more random people to my Facebook Group so that I can get a move on on my thesis. Because I was contacting a lot of strangers by sending them messages, Facebook blocked me from using that feature. Sucks.

Class was depressing (Devc199). See, we started with the second round of presentations–the part where we’re supposed to show our results so far. The speaker today, a friend of mine, already got 12 respondents to answer her survey. It was a good start. I mean, compared to mine… I don’t even have a final questionnaire yet. Or anything. I’m one of the last presenters. I’m starting to get scared that my instructor will tell me off for my lousy behavior if I don’t get to present anything. 😦

And yeah. It’s my fault.

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