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Bull’s Eye.

So I took an online psych test to determine whether I’m a hedonist, rationalist, idealist, or traditionalist. I’ve taken something like it before so I wasn’t surprised when it told me I am an idealist. The site also shared information on the idealistic person’s qualities, which were so accurate I felt like I was enumerating my traits. Apparently, an idealist is…

Alienated, bashful, critical, depressed, fussy, hard to please, insecure, introvert, loner, moody, negative attitude, pessimistic, revengeful, resentful, too sensitive, skeptical, suspicious, unforgiving, unpopular, withdrawn

The only thing I found a bit out of place was the term “revengeful.” Am I? I’ve no idea. A part of me thinks I’m not, but how can we be sure? I’ve kind of been wondering about this lately. On Revenge’s discussion board on IMDb, one user asked–if we were in Amanda/Emily’s position, would we forgive or seek revenge?

I found myself unable to answer.


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