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Anywhere but here.

I’ve been watching a bunch of post-college movies since I graduated (e.g., Post-Grad, St. Elmo’s Fire, and Reality Bites), and the culture abroad seems to have rubbed off on me; I wish I could move out of here already and live my own life. Have a job I really want. Dine at various places and never go hungry at night because I didn’t like what was for dinner. Pick out and buy clothes, shoes, and bags without some family member nagging me to hurry up or select something else ’cause either my weird taste is showing or the item is expensive. Play my music on loud speakers and not worry about any filial character commenting on how he or she does not like the current song playing. I honestly have deep regard for the fact that Asians are more family-oriented than Westerners, but there are times like these when I can’t help wishing I were anywhere but here.


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